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    • Helps to solve sagging skin problems
    • Will cause tension Lifting force in the skin layer The face looks firm


    • Product Description :
      Beauty lift face with Tornado thread lift for facial rejuvenation.

      What is the Thread Lifting?
      Is to bring a special type of silk thread into the area under the skin To stimulate the formation of new blood vessels, resulting in the formation of collagen around the silk thread, in which the direction of the hundreds of silk threads that weave together Will cause tension Lifting force in the skin layer The face looks firm. Lift up after the thread

      When do you see results?
      There are two types of silk, smooth silk (PDO) and fishbone silk. For silk, fishbone will see results immediately. For smooth silk, see results after doing within 2-4 weeks and will see the full results within 2-3 months.

      Side effect ?
      This method is not surgery. Therefore no large wounds There may be only small needle marks, but there may be only slight bruising in the sun. Less than 1 week will gradually diminish.

      The result of the thread
      Helps to solve sagging skin problems Which after the thread will see results immediately after doing which will stimulate the contraction of collagen beneath the skin, resulting in immediate tightening and also encourages the creation of collagen to surround me in the future See the full results for 3 months

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