Dear diary,
this week we celebrate SiteTalk Tombola’s first Birthday.

At our place it has always been about being a rewarding experience. This is how we give back to the community and we just feel that’s the right thing to do. That’s why we decided one year ago to create the new exciting project “SiteTalk Tombola”, with one simple purpose: to reward Members for their moments spent at our place.

Now, after a year we couldn’t be more proud over the fact we have given out nearly 300 prizes worth more than 100.000 EUR to the Members from our community only through the Tombola. All they have been doing is spending a little time on SiteTalk, while keeping in touch with friends, posting, playing games and other things one can do at SiteTalk.

Let’s check some of the highlights that we have done through the Tombola’s first year.

As our company got stronger and stronger we decided to introduce the cash prizes and give Members an opportunity to receive up to 3500 EUR in cash. In today’s hard times a lot of people are going through, we just believe this is the right thing to do. So far we have given out more than 50.000 EUR as cash prizes to the Members.

One of the prizes we have is a free holiday. The company has some beautiful holiday apartments on the lovely island Menorca in Spain. This is an amazing place to spend a vacation. So why not thank our community by giving our Members an opportunity to spend a free holiday there? We pay for 2 flight tickets, a car rental and provide the apartment for the week. Most importantly, people can connect with each other. The fact we have managed to provide the whole Menorca experience to 40 people so far really excites us.

After the first 6 successful months of having the SiteTalk Tombola around, the SiteTalk Diary launch was a logical thing to do. It’s a collection of our winning stories. Every Tombola winner has a chance to write their own story and provide our community with the tips on how they won their prize. They deserve to have their own Diary page. At the same time all other Members deserve a chance to get ideas for winning themselves. It’s a perfect combination.

We are looking forward to another year, where we will continue to develop SiteTalk Tombola and improving the Diary experience, providing our community with more prizes and more inspirational stories.

Here’s to all the winners and all the Members participating in the SiteTalk Tombola. Cheers!

The proud Team at SiteTalk
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