Dear diary,
for the first time a Tombola winner from our community has received the actual prize personally from the hands of SiteTalk's Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Frank Ricketts, at one of the SiteTalk's local events in Maribor, Slovenia.

Mrs. Breda, the winner, had won the cash prize of 3.500 EUR, in the last monthly Tombola draw. After being surprised of seeing herself on the winner's list winning the first prize, Frank definitely took care of surprising her again while being a special guest at the event. Breda of course did not expect to be called on the stage and to be given 3.500 EUR. It was a very special moment for all at the event. The crowd was surprised, Breda was in shock and Frank was emotional. We could see tears in the CEO's eyes while giving Breda the prize, being proud of the company being able to do such a nice gesture for a Member from our community.

One of the event's guests captured this moment. You can see the video here:

This is what defines us, makes us who we are and what we do.

Good luck in the next draw,
Your SiteTalk Team
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