Dear diary,
at SiteTalk we believe in giving. This is something we have stood up for from the first day. It’s in our DNA. Everything we do is to serve this purpose. Simply, we exist to help people meet opportunities anywhere, at any time. 

In the 5 years history of SiteTalk, we have been honored to meet millions of Members from all over the world. Together with them we have created a great collection of memories and stories. This is where this purpose got a real meaning.

The online world offers some great benefits and opportunities, as never before. We are witnessing people every day going literally ‘from zero to hero’. Inspiration, knowledge and humanity can be easily shared through our screens. Millions of lives are touched every day by the single video, speech or even a blog. It’s unbelievable. Unfortunately though, the big growth of this ‘magical planet’ also has negative effects as well. A lot of times not only does the individual financial aspect suffer, but something that represents every person’s value and personal wealth - our dignity. These days this is something people need to fight for.

So we decided to make a new step that serves our purpose and makes the online world a better place for people. Why would we keep our collection of nice stories in a dusted closet, where nobody gets to see them? We want to share with the world smiling faces of our Members, the happy moment when they receive a nice reward that matters to them. Sometimes this is only a small gift from us, but it always comes from the heart.
Stories like when a student from India gets a free tablet he needs to be successful at school and to do the things that inspires him. Or when a mother from China receives 1500 € and uses the money to pay for her children’s education. Or when a family from Bulgaria gets the opportunity to reconnect with each other on a lovely trip to the beautiful island of Menorca (Spain) in one of the company’s lovely holiday homes. This is something that keeps us alive and motivated to serve our purpose in the future as well. To serve our Members, who deliver our vision every single day.

We are extremely happy to give life to another great project. Meet SiteTalk Diary, the place where we keep the most meaningful stories from our most special Members, with the tips on how they got rewarded. We owe this to all of you, as you are the creators of our place and give the meaning to our vision. You can easily share each story with the world and possibly you will help someone else to reach their happy moment. You will certainly feel better for doing so.

Thank you for being with us,
your SiteTalk Diary Team
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